You've clicked here to find the skinny on me, right?

Well, the problem is that people are not easily put into a box. Trying to do so means you'll start making assumptions about who I am.

Knowing this, I will try to give you a taste for who I am. Remember though that I am, just like you, a heck of a lot more than what I can put into a webpage. Ok?



This is Me, the WomanCollage of Lilia's family

I was born in Cuba and I grew up in NYC.

I’ve survived war and other things.

My eyes are brown, and my hair maintains its color (only my hairdresser knows for sure). I am as blind as a bat, having worn glasses since I was a child.

My husband’s name is Ken. I have two adult sons, Robert Douglas and Nicholas. And, daughter-in-laws named Melanie and Julia.

I have a mini-me of a granddaughter for whom I would do anything. Her name is Savannah. She is a testament that genetics can skip generations.

We live with two Silky terriers named Taffy and Monster. I adore them both. They sleep with us snuggled tight against my body. When I wake up n the morning, their little bodies make me feel like my own slice of heaven.

I’m sort of a poet. I’ve been writing blank verse since I was a teen. Writing has gotten me through the worst of my troubles.

This is me, here and now.

Luckily, it is all subject to change without notice.

This is What I Love

I love art and can’t draw a straight line.

My most secret dream is to create art with fabric. My first project is a portrait of Savannah from a photograph.

I love Van Gogh’s paintings. They seem so alive. The stars dance in the evening sky to my eyes.

I am passionately interested in physics and astronomy. But, I don’t have the advanced mathematics to let me be a serious student. So I content myself with the layman’s version.

I love vintage science fiction. And Star Trek TNG (think I had a crush on Cpt. Jean-Luc Picard). The show The Orville shows promise as well. Scifi with a twist of humor.

I believe in ET life. As Carl Sagan said, there are millions of stars out there. And, many of them have planets. If we are the only life in the universe, it's a waste of space, isn't it?.

If I had the money, I’d pay to go into outer space. That’s where humanity’s future lays.

I love living in North Carolina, amid the trees and the hawks that nest in the woods next to the house. (Hawk is one of my animal guides.)


 What I've Done and Know

They include in part:

  • A B.Sc. in Accounting from Hunter College of C.U.N.Y.
  • And a J.D. from NY Law School.
  • Certification as a coach from Coach Training Alliance.
  • Certified Money Mentor by MentorPath.

I am an expert on business process development, process improvement and project management. I have 20+ years of experience in the field.

I’ve worked at major corporations such as AT&T, United Guaranty, CVS, Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC and LabCorp, Inc. I was the Controller and CIO of Mutual Marine Office, Inc. (a marine insurance consortium) and the Treasurer of NY Marine Insurance Co., Inc.

My first business flopped spectacularly, But I learned the hard lessons. Since then, I have worked with dozens of clients on creating/streamlining processes, applying technology, implementing projects and consulting on business-building techniques.

My clients are all small businesses that include: Victoria Whitfield’s Holistic Stress Management, Real Weight Loss for Real Women, Shift-It Coach, Inc., Transform Your Brilliance, Ambitious Enterprises, Val Nelson, LLC, Floyd Innovations, SuzWorks, Action Travel, Hills of Africa Tours, Cash Credit and Your Finances, Aya Integrative Health, LLC, Partner Promotions, LLC, and other smallish and start-up businesses.



What I Do

I am a spiritual nerd. I see the reality of mundane things and thePicture containing Lilia's vision. hyper-reality of the unseen, twined together.

And, I love putting tools to use. I love making things (processes, tools, visions come to life). My passion is for you to become confident and super productive.

Along the way, I discovered that some of the most meaningful experiences were the hardest to find.  The most frustrating to learn. It became clear to me that a lot of gifted gurus don't know how to listen to the heart of a business. There! I'd found my calling as the business heart whisperer.

I know how it feels to break free. To feel the joy of pursuing heartfelt passions. Of being, at last:

  • In alignment with my beliefs. I want to help you realize your dream.
  • Committed to being a heart-center business.
  • A steward for you, using my expertise with technology and processes to help you.
  • … And doing it all with loving-kindness

Go Ahead and Contact Me...

If you are curious about learning more about becoming super productive and efficient in achieving your goals.

One of my favorite things in the world is sharing what I know with superb women like you.

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